21 March 2018

How old are you? (version 1)

For those born in the \(20\)th century.

Think of a number from \(1\) to \(7\).

With the help of this secret number, you will do five operations. You will get something very revealing about yourself.
  1. Multiply this number by \(2\).
  2. Add \(2\).
  3. Multiply the result by \(50\).
  4. If your birthday has already passed this year, add \(18\), otherwise add \(17\).
  5. Subtract the last two digits of the year of your birth.
The result is a three digit number. The first one is the number that you thought and the last two are ... your age!

Note: This astuteness is valid for the year \(2018\). For \(2019\), you must add one unit to the numbers referred in point 4. For \(2020\), two units and so on.

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