23 March 2018


NaN is an acronym for Not a Number used in computing and represents a value or a symbol that is usually produced as a result of an invalid operation on the operands. NaNs are close to some undefined or indeterminate expressions in mathematics. The NaN is not really a number, but a symbol that represents a numerical quantity whose absolute value can not be determined by the Operating System.


  • \(\sqrt {-1}\);
  • \(\log(-n)\) and \(\ln(-n)\);
  • \(\frac{0}{0}\);
  • \(0^0\);
  • \(1^\infty\);
  • \(\infty^0\);
  • \(\frac{\infty}{\infty}\), \(\frac{\infty}{-\infty}\), \(\frac{-\infty}{\infty}\) and \(\frac{-\infty}{-\infty}\);
  • \(0 \times \infty\) and \(0 \times (-\infty)\);
  • \((-\infty) + \infty\) and \(\infty + (-\infty)\);
  • \(\ln |0|\) and \(\frac{\ln |0|}{\ln |\pm \infty|}\);
  • \(e^{\pm \infty} \times \log |0|\);
  • \(\frac{m}{\pm \infty} \times \frac{n}{0}\) if \(m \neq \pm \infty\) and \(n \neq 0\).

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