30 March 2018


The tangram is an ancient Chinese solitaire game. It consists of seven pieces that you can assemble to form a square (original square):
  • \(5\) triangles;
  • \(1\) square;
  • \(1\) parallelogram.
Notice that the smaller triangle is the unit area of the original square, which is \(16\) times the area of ​​the smaller triangle. The diagonal of the original square is \(4\) times the altitude of the smaller triangle, its side \(2\) times the base or \(4\) times the median of the base of the smaller triangle.

The tangram can be used in two ways: either as a puzzle or as an assessment material of flexibility, fluidity and creative originality.

In its role as a puzzle, the aim of the game is to reproduce a given model. The rules are simple: we always use all the pieces that must be arranged on a flat surface without superimpose them. There are approximately \(2,000\) different models, some extremely difficult, which makes the tangram an even more interesting game! These models can be geometric or figurative.

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