29 May 2018

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube is a game invented in \(1974\) by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernõ Rubik that became popular in the \(80\)s. The initial idea of Ernõ Rubik was to build the cube so that their students guessed what was its internal mechanism, how small cubes could run along three axes while remaining united, forcing them to think in three dimensions. Only later, at the suggestion of a friend to color each face of the small cubes with a different color, he discovered that after mixed the faces, the initial order of the cube became extremely difficult to find. Rubik then had the idea to market it as a mathematical game.

The objective of the game is, after mixing the six faces of the cube, to manipulate it in order to try to give its initial aspect, in which each face has a different color.

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