16 July 2018


The Game of the Amazons is a board game for two players invented in \(1988\) by the Argentine Walter Zamkauskas, usually played in an international board of draughts (\(10 \times 10\) squares).


Each player has \(4\) pieces, all equal, called amazons. The game is by turns and the player who has the white pieces starts the game. Each move consists of moving an amazon in a straight line (orthogonal or diagonal), just as the queen moves in chess and, soon after, to shoot an arrow (in orthogonal or diagonal) toward any empty square of the board attainable from the arrival square of the displaced amazon. An arrow, as well as an amazon, can not cross or enter a square occupied by an arrow or an amazon of any color. The square where the arrow lands is marked to show that it can no longer be used. The last player to be able to make a move wins.

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